Endowment Fund

Shepherd Hills Cemetery maintains an Endowment Fund to ensure Perpetual Care

Shepherd Hills is an Endowed Care Cemetery

Shepherd Hills Cemetery is an endowed care cemetery, located in Jefferson County, Missouri, off of Old Highway M, in Barnhart, MO.  The burial rights for lot(s) in Shepherd Hills Cemetery, which you are considering buying, or which you have bought is/are therefore in an endowed care cemetery.  A portion of all burial space sales and foundation installation fees are deposited into an Endowment Fund to help ensure long term grounds care here at Shepherd Hills Cemetery.

Why choose a Cemetery with an Endowment Fund?

Essentially, an endowed care cemetery establishes and maintains an endowed care fund, the income from which is used solely for the maintenance of the cemetery and the principle of which must be maintained solely for the purpose of producing income.  The endowed care fund of Shepherd Hills Cemetery was established by a trust instrument.  The endowed care and maintenance fund trust for Shepherd Hills Cemetery is an agreement between Shepherd Hills Cemetery and First Bank & Trust Company, a Missouri Banking corporation, having trust powers in the state of Missouri.

Who Ensures the Endowment Fund is managed correctly?

The endowed care fund was established and is maintained according to Missouri law, specifically Chapter 214, RSMO 1990.  Included as a requirement under Missouri law, specifically by section 214.340, Chapter 214, RSMO 1990, is an annual financial report.  Such report includes a statement of contributions, earnings, expenses, and cemetery operation distributions of the endowed care fund, a statement listing, in detail, all assets, investments, etc., of the endowed care fund, and a statement of the cemetery's total acreage and of its developed, (into lots) acreage.  This annual financial report is available to you, and to any member of the public, upon request.