Cemetery Ground Rules

Hours of Visitation

The visiting hours for the cemetery are from sunrise until sunset, no exceptions.

Grave Decorations

No planting of live flowers, shrubs, trees, etc., will be permitted.  Only one decoration permitted on the ground on each grave.  An in-ground vase is considered a decoration on the ground. All other flowers/decorations will be removed.  Grave blankets and tall shepherds’ hooks are not permitted at anytime in the Cemetery.  Flowers from burials will be removed approximately 7-10 days after service by Cemetery personnel.  Holiday flowers and decorations are to be removed by February 15th of each year.  Decorations not removed by that date are subject to removal and disposal by Cemetery representatives in order to prepare for upcoming mowing season. 


Stay on the pavement at all times.  At no time should a vehicle be on the grass.  There is only one, short, single-lane road in the Cemetery.  Stay in the middle of this road. We ask that if you plan to visit for an extended period, you park on an adjacent road, as not to block other visitors from making their way through.

Interment Requirements

All Caskets (Burial Receptacles) must be encased in a permanent outer container, made of concrete, steel, or poly prior to Interment. (Casket only not permitted)

All cremation burials must be in a permanent outer container, of either plastic, concrete, marble, or steel container. Wood or porcelain is not acceptable, and requires an urn vault.  See Cemetery for options for Urn Vaults available.

No extra deep, double, or stacked burials permitted. 

Two cremations are allowed per lot.  One standard interment is allowed per lot, but not in combination with a cremation burial.