Memorial Basics

All memorials installed at Shepherd Hills must be made of granite.  Memorials cannot be installed until burial rights are paid in full.  All memorials must be made of Granite.  Bronze markers from VA must be mounted on granite Monuments.

Prior to the erection of any Memorial or Marker, a detailed plan of the Memorial must be submitted to the Cemetery for Approval.  This plan includes, but is not limited to, the design how the memorial will look, size of base/die or marker (LxWxH), and who has approved the purchase of the stone.  The Cemetery will review information and contact the Memorial Company in the event of an error or concern, and when foundation is prepared for above ground monuments.  Lawn level markers are installed with foundation after the memorial is delivered.

Please contact Cemetery for further clarification.

Upright Monuments

Monuments, or above ground memorials, are allowed in Monument Rows (spaces numbers 1 thru 8), and can be installed on 2 or more spaces.  When using the back of an above ground monument, only the area of the monument that corresponds to the lots owned can be used. 

Lawn Level Markers

Lawn Level Markers can be centered on one, two, or even three spaces, and can be installed in lawn level OR monument rows.  In-ground vases can be added to the side or front of flat markers to provide sturdy installation containers for decorations.  

Please contact Cemetery for further clarification.

In-Ground Vases

In-ground vases are allowed, and encouraged in the Cemetery.  These vases provide a sturdier support for flowers, and provide a sure location for placement when the ground is frozen or very dry and hard.  In-ground vases must either have a concrete rings poured around them to support their base, or must be inset into a piece of smooth top granite, at least 4” thick.   In-ground vases will not be installed in front or behind upright Monument memorials, or in conjunction with an upright Monument memorial.  Lawn Level Markers centered on multiple spaces will have vases placed at the end of the marker.  Vases for single space Markers will be centered in front of the marker. 

Contact the Cemetery for assistance on vases.

Foundations for Memorials

It is agreed that the foundations for all Memorials will be constructed by Cemetery Personnel and the cost of the same is to be paid by Memorial Dealer or Customer, prior to the erection of the Memorial.  Payment must accompany detailed plan sent to Cemetery.  Orders will not be processed until said time that payment is received in full, and final detail is submitted.  Third party foundation installs are still subject to foundation charges, for engineering, design, layout, supervision, sod, etc. Contact Cemetery for cost of this service.


Monument/Marker Delivery

Monuments and Markers from out of town Monument Dealers and Internet sales are allowed at the Cemetery.  The Cemetery cannot accept the delivery of a Monument and Base at the Cemetery. Due to weight, a local Monument company must be setup to accept delivery of this item, and then install. The Cemetery does not install Monuments and Bases. The Cemetery is capable of off-loading and installing Lawn Level Markers, provided the delivery is made from a standard size delivery van or truck.  Memorial Companies are expected to call the Cemetery office prior to delivery or installation.  Under normal circumstances, installations will not be allowed during funeral services.  Contact the Cemetery with questions.